Should You Repair or Replace Your Broken Refrigerator?

27 September 2016
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Even though refrigerators are strong enough to last for several years, you'll probably have a problem with yours at some point. Face it, even refrigerators that are well maintained have parts that eventually break, and when your fridge breaks, you'll need to decide whether you should have it repaired or should replace it. Take these things into consideration to simplify the decision process. Age of the Refrigerator Typically, refrigerators last about 13 years. Read More 

How To Clean Your Front Loading Washer

26 September 2016
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Front loading washers are great to have, as they can be easily stacked with its matching dryer to help save you space. They also come with quite a few great features, such as energy efficiency, using less water, and a higher capacity for washing larger loads. Some even come with a steam option for your dry clean only items. The major difference between this type of washer and a traditional top loader is keeping it clean. Read More 

Strategies For Staying Safe When An Intruder Gains Access To Your Home

21 September 2016
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As a homeowner, the last thing you want to experience is having an intruder gain access to your home while you're there. If this occurred when you had your burglar alarm turned off for whatever reason, you'll know that the system won't have alerted the authorities on your behalf, which can make you feel alone and vulnerable. While you should always plan to comply with the intruder's demands, such as handing over your money and valuables, you should also be proactive by doing what you can to send a message that your home has been invaded. Read More