Smart Appliances For Savvy Consumers

21 November 2014
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How smart are your appliances? Appliance manufacturers are using new technology to make appliances do more for you than you could have imagined. Here are some smart appliances for your home.  Inventory Keeping Refrigerator The latest smart refrigerators offer an option that allows you to scan your grocery store receipts and have your refrigerator use this information to keep track of your food inventory and the expiration dates on your food. Read More 

Four Good Reasons To Drink Your Coffee Every Day

10 November 2014
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If your eyes are barely open before you reach for the coffee, you're already aware that the caffeine in it acts like a shot of pure energy to your central nervous system, waking you up and helping you stay focused during the day. However, there are other benefits to coffee consumption that you probably don't realize that you're getting. Read more to learn the 4 very good reasons you should drink your coffee every day, and how to make it an affordable luxury. Read More