Warranty And Non-Warranty Appliance Repair Options

20 December 2017
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Did you get a warranty for your appliance? Is that warranty expired? Whether you have an active warranty or not, you need to know about the different options available for getting your appliances fixed, or at least advice for a good replacement. Here are a few warranty and non-warranty appliance repair details to help you figure out what you need to do to save as much money on repairs and replacement. Read More 

Minimize Energy Costs By Hiring An Electrician To Replace Your Refrigerator

16 October 2017
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Cutting down on energy use in your home is an everlasting project because you can always replace a feature or appliance with something better. It is possible to start anywhere on your journey to minimize energy use and costs. If you have an old refrigerator on its last legs, you should not hesitate to replace it, especially when you replace it with an energy saving model. If you have a water line for your current refrigerator, you will not need to hire a plumber. Read More