How To Clean Your Front Loading Washer

26 September 2016
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Front loading washers are great to have, as they can be easily stacked with its matching dryer to help save you space. They also come with quite a few great features, such as energy efficiency, using less water, and a higher capacity for washing larger loads. Some even come with a steam option for your dry clean only items. The major difference between this type of washer and a traditional top loader is keeping it clean. Front loading washers have a seal in the door, so they are susceptible to mold/mildew. See below for cleaning tips to keep your washer clean.

Keep The Door Open

With the seal in the door, your washer can accumulate with mold/mildew if you keep the door to the machine closed when not in use. Keep the door open always when it isn't in use to help air it out. 

Use The Clean Washer Cycle

To help keep the inside of the machine clean, use the clean washer cycle every few weeks or so and add bleach or white vinegar to the detergent bin to clean your machine. If you pull open the inside rubber gasket, you may notice quite a bit of buildup of gunk. The clean washer cycle will help keep this area clean. In the event that you have too much buildup and the clean washer cycle isn't getting it clean enough, pull open that seal and get in there with a cloth and some bleach or white vinegar. You don't want that buildup of gunk mixed in with your clothes, as it's defeating the purpose of getting your clothes clean if you're washing it with all of that gunk.

Clean Out The Lint Trap

That's right, the front loading washing machine has a lint trap. Ever wonder where that loose change ends up? It's probably in that lint trap. Look at your owner's manual to see where yours is located. Some models have an easy to spot area, while others may be a little harder to get to. Once you have the trap open, clean out everything that has collected (this can be the cause of a mildew smell if you ever have one). Then clean out the trap itself by running it under hot water and scrubbing it clean using vinegar and a nylon brush.

Cleaning your front loading job will help keep your washer running properly, ensure your clothing is getting as clean as possible, and will also prevent mildew/mold from forming.

For more information, Hudson Appliance Center or a similar company.