Three Benefits Of Copper Kitchen Countertops

23 May 2019
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If you are looking to make your kitchen unique and personalized, selecting a countertop option that is unusual can give you the uniqueness that you are looking for. One of the materials that you may want to consider is copper. Copper kitchen countertops can bring in warmth, uniqueness and can add either an antique look or a contemporary style, depending on the aesthetic of the rest of your kitchen. Learning the benefits associated with copper countertops can help you determine if these countertops are a good choice for your home. Read More 

Enhance Your Supermarket With Refrigeration Casing Re-Skinning

18 February 2019
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The selection and quality of foods you offer in your supermarket are important. However, designing and maintaining an attractive store is just as important. If you want to give your store a boost in the attractiveness column, learn how re-skinning your refrigeration cases can help. Product Case Re-Skinning Think of case re-skinning in the same vein you would a remodel. With this process, the structure of the case stays in tack, and you're instead giving the exterior of the casing a facelift. Read More