Strategies For Staying Safe When An Intruder Gains Access To Your Home

21 September 2016
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As a homeowner, the last thing you want to experience is having an intruder gain access to your home while you're there. If this occurred when you had your burglar alarm turned off for whatever reason, you'll know that the system won't have alerted the authorities on your behalf, which can make you feel alone and vulnerable. While you should always plan to comply with the intruder's demands, such as handing over your money and valuables, you should also be proactive by doing what you can to send a message that your home has been invaded. Here are some different strategies that you can use.

Trigger The Burglar Alarm If Possible

With your alarm system turned off, there are still some ways that you can trigger it silently. This will alert the monitoring station, which can then dispatch the police to your address, without arousing the intruder's suspicions. If your system is equipped to handle a duress code, you may be able to punch it into one of the keypads when the intruder isn't looking. This will silently set off the alarm and show that you're under duress in your home. Another method is to press a panic button, which you may have had installed when the system was put in. This button also lets the monitoring station know you're experiencing an intrusion.

Use The Speed Dial On Your Smartphone

It's inadvisable to try to call the authorities on your smartphone, as doing so can be obvious to the intruder. However, you might have some success using a speed dial function or simply calling the last number you dialed. If your phone is in your pocket, for example, you may be able to bring up the phone app without the person's knowledge. If you call the last person you talked to and speak loudly to the intruder, it can let the person know that you're under duress. The person can then call the authorities on your behalf.

Move To A Window

If the intruder is moving you around the house to have you provide access to your valuables, try to position your body in front of a window. In neighborhoods with closely positioned houses, a neighbor could see you standing in front of the window looking scared; this can compel him or her to watch the scene and can possibly indicate that someone is inside your home. The neighbor can then call the local authorities for you.