Enhance Your Supermarket With Refrigeration Casing Re-Skinning

18 February 2019
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The selection and quality of foods you offer in your supermarket are important. However, designing and maintaining an attractive store is just as important. If you want to give your store a boost in the attractiveness column, learn how re-skinning your refrigeration cases can help.

Product Case Re-Skinning

Think of case re-skinning in the same vein you would a remodel. With this process, the structure of the case stays in tack, and you're instead giving the exterior of the casing a facelift. As part of the process, the exterior surfaces of the case are re-fitted with everything from new bumpers to canopies to splash guards to end panels, to offer the look of a new case, but at a fraction of the expense, in terms of both time and money. 


Here are a handful of the benefits you can expect after you've had your cases re-skinned:

More Modern Design

The re-skinning process can take several years off the look of your store. In a world where many consumers want the latest, and the greatest, a more modern look can make your store appealing to the masses, while also satisfying your current stream of customers. 

Decreased Safety Concerns

As the exterior of a refrigeration case wears, all sorts of safety hazards are introduced. For example, as the bumpers fall off, the sharp bits of metal that rest underneath become exposed. When you re-skin the case, you can eliminate these hazards and safeguard both your employees and customers from injury. 

Improved Durability

While all refrigeration cases will have to be replaced at some point, re-skinning is a great way to squeeze more life out of these units. In addition to improving the look of the case, the new OEM parts used to re-skin the case also improve its overall durability and integrity. The more durable the case, the longer the span until you have to invest in a new casing system.

Better Branding

The re-skinning process is a better way to brand your business. For instance, consider a store whose logo is black and red. Refrigeration cases that also include hints of these colors help bring the look of the entire store together and provide subtle reminders of the brand as customers shop. 

When it comes to the re-skinning process, you have plenty of options to select from. However, best of all, you can choose from a variety of OEM designs to ensure that your cases look better, but that they are also constructed with quality and durability in mind. Contact a product case part supplier to find what you need.

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