Three Benefits Of Copper Kitchen Countertops

23 May 2019
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If you are looking to make your kitchen unique and personalized, selecting a countertop option that is unusual can give you the uniqueness that you are looking for. One of the materials that you may want to consider is copper. Copper kitchen countertops can bring in warmth, uniqueness and can add either an antique look or a contemporary style, depending on the aesthetic of the rest of your kitchen. Learning the benefits associated with copper countertops can help you determine if these countertops are a good choice for your home. Here are three of the benefits associated with copper countertops. 

Copper Can Have Different Appearances and Textures

The first benefit of using copper countertops in your kitchen is that copper countertops do not all look the same. There are different techniques that can be done to the copper to alter its apperance and texture. Some of the types of copper you can select from include brushed copper, polished copper, hammered copper and distressed copper. Additionally, as copper ages, it can develop a patina on it. This patina can range in color from red to brown to green. Techniques can be done to speed up or slow down the patina process, which can alter the color of your copper surface. This helps to ensure copper countertops will work in your space, whether you are going for a rustic farmhouse feel or an industrial modern look. 

Copper Resist Bacteria

The second benefit to using copper countertops in your kitchen is that copper has antimicrobial properties. It resists bacteria growing and multiplying on it. This is important as it can prevent the spread and growth of germs and bacteria that can cause food-related illnesses, such as salmonella. Bacteria-resistant countertops helps to keep your countertops sanitary.

Copper is Easy to Clean

The final benefit for copper kitchen countertops is that copper is a material that is easy to clean. Many other types of countertops, such as marble and granite, need expensive and specialized products to keep them clean. If you use the wrong products, the countertop can etch or become discolored. Copper can be routinely cleaned with warm, soapy water. For deep cleaning, you can combine lemon juice with a small amount of table salt to create a scrub that deep cleans copper's surface. The cleaning process is easy and inexpensive. 

Copper is not a material that is used for countertops in the majority of homes. As such, it has a uniqueness that is perfect for those who do not want a cookie cutter kitchen. If you want a kitchen that is as unique as you are and has lots of personality and style, copper may be the perfect choice for your new kitchen countertops. 

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