Warranty And Non-Warranty Appliance Repair Options

20 December 2017
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Did you get a warranty for your appliance? Is that warranty expired? Whether you have an active warranty or not, you need to know about the different options available for getting your appliances fixed, or at least advice for a good replacement. Here are a few warranty and non-warranty appliance repair details to help you figure out what you need to do to save as much money on repairs and replacement.

Warranty Repairs Require Certification Or Approval

When you're getting an appliance repaired under warranty, you're usually sending a device out to the original manufacturer, to the warranty servicing center (if different from the manufacturer), or scheduling a repair visit at your home.

The economy has changed over past decades, and many companies have made their businesses more agile or slimline by putting their trust in 3rd party warranty providers. In some cases, your product may have a specific company tasked with repairs. In other cases, the company may simply look for someone in the area to handle the job.

If you're not getting much help from the company, it's best to look for professionals who have certifications with that company. Many service shops will advertise their certification, which you can verify with the product company faster than actually getting service in some situations.

Make sure to ask for proof of certification. You need to have more than just a glance; a verbal claim against a fraudulent certification may not result in any action until multiple people complain, and the best case scenario involves either arguing with the fraudulent service professional or going to court over the issue. Protect yourself and make things easier for certified professionals by writing down the certification number or code.

No Warranty? No Problem!

A warranty exists to protect you from costs and liability. It's just to make sure that you don't have to pay for certain repairs, and is certainly a good thing to have. It is not required to get repairs from a 3rd party professional.

An appliance repair professional will only care about the warranty in regards to making sure that the warranty isn't voided, and to possibly refer you to the manufacturer if the warranty is still good. With an expired, voided, or non-existent warranty, the repair professional can simply get the job done.

Many repair professionals offer a service warranty based on their repairs, but this depends on the severity of the problem and the level of repair. If you're in desperate need of getting an appliance back to half-working condition while you save up for a replacement, a warranty isn't relevant. A service warranty should be extended for a repair that brings a device back to full working order.

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