Minimize Energy Costs By Hiring An Electrician To Replace Your Refrigerator

16 October 2017
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Cutting down on energy use in your home is an everlasting project because you can always replace a feature or appliance with something better. It is possible to start anywhere on your journey to minimize energy use and costs. If you have an old refrigerator on its last legs, you should not hesitate to replace it, especially when you replace it with an energy saving model.

If you have a water line for your current refrigerator, you will not need to hire a plumber. But, hiring an electrician is a smart bet because they can help you shop for and install the fridge. 

Temperature Display

Many refrigerators have temperature dials that you can change on the inside of the refrigerator and freezer. The problem is that a dial ranging from 1 to 10 is not that helpful for saving energy. You may put it at one setting and start to notice that some of your liquids are partially freezing. This also requires you to keep the fridge open when you are adjusting the dial settings.

It is worth shopping for a refrigerator that provides you with an exterior temperature display. This will prevent you from having to open the door for every adjustment, which will help to reduce energy use. You will also have an accurate temperature display and then you can look online to figure out what the ideal setting is for what you normally store in the refrigerator.

Power Use by Size

Buying an oversized refrigerator might seem like a good idea, but you do not need one that will always have empty drawers and shelving. It might be a challenge to find the right balance, but you should look at your current refrigerator's size to get an idea of what you need. Upgrading the size is fine, but you also want to look at the power consumption for the cubic feet capacity.

For instance, gaining a 10% increase in storage capacity is worth a 2% increase in energy use. You just want to make sure that you will be able to use all the storage space that is provided.

Door Alarm

Another way that you can minimize energy consumption is by getting a door alarm on the fridge. This will make it so that you are alerted when the door is left open for a certain time. Not shutting the door all the way can lead to a lot of wasted energy and this feature will prevent that.

Hiring an appliance repair professional to help with replacing your refrigerator will lead to a smooth transition.