Smart Appliances For Savvy Consumers

21 November 2014
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How smart are your appliances? Appliance manufacturers are using new technology to make appliances do more for you than you could have imagined. Here are some smart appliances for your home. 

Inventory Keeping Refrigerator

The latest smart refrigerators offer an option that allows you to scan your grocery store receipts and have your refrigerator use this information to keep track of your food inventory and the expiration dates on your food. 

These refrigerators also have internet access that allows your to place a grocery order online and have settings for adjusting the temperature in various parts of the fridge. 

Smart Washer and Dryer

Has a washing machine disaster caused you to stop leaving home while you are washing clothes? Smart washers and dryers can be checked on and controlled from your smart phone. You'll never have to worry about a laundry emergency again. 

You can also find dishwashers, ovens and other appliances with these away from home control features. 

Energy Saving Heating and Cooling

You can now control your thermostat from your smart phone, making it easy to save energy by moderating temperatures when you are out of the house. Smart thermostats will also learn your temperature patterns and adjust themselves to your lifestyle and schedule. 

Super Speedy Ovens

High-end ovens now allow the home chef to cook a variety of great foods quickly. These quick cooking ovens can cook a frozen pizza in about two minutes or an entire turkey in less than an hour. 

Smart Storage for Wine

Wine lovers can now keep wine in the perfect environment using modern technology. Smart wine cabinets keep wine at the perfect temperature, even when holding different wines that require different temperatures. These wine perfecting cabinets will also maintain the proper humidity and even control how the wine is exposed to light. 

Robot That Cleans Floors

You remember the old cartoons where people in the future left household tasks to robots? The future is here with little robots that can sweep and mop your floors. Just turn the robot on or set its timer, and the robot will come out from its charging station, clean your floors and then hook itself back up again. 

Self Regulating Dishwasher

Today's dishwashers can not only clean and sanitize, but also they can save you energy and cleaning costs. Smart dishwashers determine how many dishes they are holding and then release the appropriate amount of soap and water. 

Modern technology has ways of making life easier. Make your appliances smart, and see what it can do for you. For more information, contact a company such as Gringer & Sons Inc.