What's Hot? Kitchen Appliance Trends To Watch For In 2021

16 March 2021
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If it has been a while since you visited a kitchen appliance store, you will be in for a delightful surprise. Today's kitchen appliances are designed to make your life easier with new and innovative features. Along with the traditional white and stainless-steel finishes, you will also find new and exciting color options to complement any kitchen design style.

Darker colors  

Look for more dark colors to appear in appliance stores this year. Black, dark grey, and brown appliances are popping up in kitchens and for good reason. These rich neutral shades are a perfect fit for the light gray, beige, and off-white interior colors popular in today's kitchen designs.

Dark appliances also look great when paired with new color trends in cabinets. For instance, matte black appliances provide a nice contrast to seafoam green or cornflower blue cabinets. Brown appliances will dress up mustard yellow or rusty red cabinets.

Smart appliances

Imagine an electronic feature that can diagnose mechanical issues in an appliance before you call the repairman or a camera feature inside your refrigerator that alerts you when certain items in your food inventory are low. Appliances that connect to your smartphone or digital assistant make it easy to control your appliances and perform functions even when you are away from home.

Smart appliances will also save you money, as they are made to be energy-efficient. This helps you do your part to protect the environment while you are saving money at the same time.

Glass door refrigerators  

Being able to see what is inside your refrigerator without opening the door is one of the advantages of the new glass door models. Glass door refrigerators can also provide aesthetic value to the kitchen, as being able to see fresh fruits and vegetables displayed can add eye-appeal to the room. Glass front doors can also cut down on the number of times you need to open the door to see what is inside.

Combined ovens

Look for convection and steam oven combinations to add a new dimension to your cooking style. Oven combinations are a great choice if you enjoy entertaining or preparing large meals. New trends in steam and convection oven cooking methods will help you cook healthy meals for your family.

Shopping for kitchen appliances in the past was not overly exciting and your options for design style and color were limited. Fortunately, today's appliance trends give you plenty of options to get excited about. From high-tech appliances to beautiful new colors and finishes, you are sure to find something you want to take home to your kitchen.

Reach out to a local appliance store to learn more.