Why Your Business Should Switch To A Harbortouch POS System

13 March 2018
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Is your current point of sale system just not cutting it anymore? If you are looking to upgrade to a point of sale system that will allow your company to take advantage of the latest technology while also increasing the overall ease of use for your employees, there is only one solution: Harbortouch retail systems. Here are three reasons why a Harbortouch POS might be right for you and your company.

Simple, Streamlined Tablet Design

Most traditional point of sale systems can be quite complicated. These systems have their own proprietary interface that can be quite confusing to someone who has never used a POS before. Harbortouch POS systems solve this problem by offering the performance of a traditional POS within the easy-to-use design of a tablet. If you know how to swipe and tap on your phone, you'll understand how to use a Harbortouch POS. 

Save Your Cash Reserves By Paying a Monthly Fee

Longtime business owners know that traditional point of sale systems can be quite expensive, ranging from hundreds to even a thousand dollars or more. But when you switch to Harbortouch, you won't have to put up a huge chunk of money to get started. You simply pay a monthly service fee that is much more affordable and better yet, there are no upfront costs. You'll also receive comprehensive training and 24/7 support at no additional cost as well as a 30-day risk-free trial.

Can Be Customized for Any Kind of Business

Whether you are running a basic retail store, a restaurant, nightclub, or food truck, Harbortouch can customize its software to work for your business. Because all of the buttons to push are on the tablet's screen, they can adapt to say anything you want. Contrast this with a traditional POS where you are stuck with whatever is printed on the physical button on the keyboard for the lifetime of the device. 

Speaking of lifetime, you should also know that all Harbortouch POS systems come with a lifetime warranty. As long as you are remaining an active customer by paying the monthly fee, Harbortouch will make sure your POS stays up to date with the latest software and will fix or replace your unit for you if something goes wrong. More advanced features of the high-end system include cloud-based sales reporting and cutting-edge payment technology like support for chip cards, NFC, and mobile pay programs. For more information, contact HarborTouch Bay Area today.